water and mold issues caused by an unidentified leak

Tackling Water and Mold Caused by an Unidentified Leak in Palmdale, CA

At Scientific Restoration Specialists Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to handle complicated damage restoration projects effectively in a short period. Recently, we undertook a challenging project involving water seepage, mold remediation, and contents pack-out caused by an unidentified leak. The affected areas included the living room, entry closet, hallway, hallway closet, laundry room, and garage. The materials affected were drywall, insulation, carpets, and sections under flooring. This water damage restoration in Palmdale, CA combined with other services was a full package deal. 

A Call from the Client and Initial Inspection

We received a call about water damage affecting multiple rooms. When we arrived, our team thoroughly inspected and noted the extensive damage using moisture meters. A plumber had already shut off the water but was unable to locate the source of the leak. An official claim was opened, and we started immediate mitigation steps to prevent further damage.

Steps for Tackling Multi-Level Water Damage Caused by an Unidentified Leak

We followed a detailed plan to handle the damage, focusing on water mitigation, mold remediation, and contents pack-out. Each step was carefully carried out to restore the affected areas and protect the homeowner’s property. Here’s a look at what we did.

Water Mitigation

  1. Initial Water Extraction: We extracted water from the carpets and removed the soaked padding to prevent mold growth.
  2. Equipment Setup: We set up dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to start the drying process. 
  3. Containment: Containment plastic sheeting was installed to isolate the affected areas. At the customer’s request, we returned the next morning to reinforce containment measures.
  4. Monitoring: Daily monitoring of moisture levels ensured that the drying process was progressing according to the plan.

Mold Remediation

  • Containment and PPE: We established containment zones using plastic sheeting and wore personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure safety.
  • Testing for Mold and Lead and Asbestos: Samples of drywall and tile from the living room, entry closet, stairway, hallway, hallway closet, laundry room, and garage were tested for mold, lead, and asbestos. Mold presence was confirmed with the tests.
  • Demo Preparation and Execution: Once testing was complete, we prepped the area for demolition. This involved removing contaminated drywall, insulation, baseboards, and trims.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment: After demolition, we sanded affected areas and applied antimicrobial agents to kill any remaining mold spores.
  • Drying and Clearance: Additional focus fans were added to achieve our drying goals. We monitored progress daily and updated the moisture map regularly. Once drying was complete, we prepped the site for final mold clearance testing.

Contents Pack-Out

  • Sorting and Packing: We carefully sorted and packed all contents from the affected areas into boxes for disposal or storage.
  • Disposal and Storage: Some items were disposed of and others were stored securely until the restoration process was complete and it was safe to return them to the home.

Communication and Customer Satisfaction

Throughout the project, we maintained clear communication with the homeowner and the adjuster. This ensured everyone was informed of the progress and any needed adjustments. The customer was highly satisfied with our fast response and thorough approach to minimizing the damage and bringing their home back to life.

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